What are the solutions to promote toilet and hygiene assistance for seniors at home?


As we age, the body may be less inclined to perform daily hygiene and toilet tasks. This decline may be linked to the onset of joint pain, loss of mobility, but also depression, which affects several thousand people aged 65 and over. Indeed, a feeling of loneliness, despair, a loss of energy can be the cause of the elder’s refusal to wash himself.

For many older people, bathing can be a time of apprehension, stress and discomfort related to the physical efforts to be made (stepping over a bathtub, getting dressed, etc.). Solutions and services can therefore be put in place to support them and provide them with all the help they need in their daily lives.

The importance of daily hygiene care

The daily toilet is an important time for the elderly, especially for hygienic reasons. But also for comfort and for better physical and moral well-being.

Good personal hygiene eliminates perspiration, accumulated dust and impurities which can be the source of infections of the skin or mucous membranes (irritation, redness, etc.).

Care should therefore be taken to maintain regular hygiene in the elderly, whether they live alone or not, whether they require the intervention of a third person or not.

In what way is it possible to ensure the good hygiene of the senior?

Whether they are physical, mental or even fear and worry, these factors can contribute to the deterioration of hygiene and the toilet of the elderly. To better understand these daily moments and ensure that the toilet is a moment of relaxation, it is possible to call on toilet assistance services, daily, at the senior’s home. These services are designed to promote:

  • The autonomy of the elderly by working on posture management,
  • Their safety by accompanying them in this daily moment
  • And maintain their comfort at home

A professional caregiver at home can therefore accompany them at all stages of bathing and washing. This can only be beneficial for the senior.

Other, less costly solutions can be put in place to compensate for the difficulties encountered by the elderly in carrying out their toilet. The installation of suitable equipment in the water and sanitary rooms makes everyday life easier and prevents domestic accidents.

  • Installation of grab bars
  • Installation of a seat in the shower
  • Installation of non-slip mats

To set up this equipment, it is quite possible to carry out a preliminary audit of the home by a professional (eg: occupational therapist) who will be able to best adapt your environment according to the lifestyle and habits of the senior.

What are the solutions for the elderly who are still independent?

Many seniors are still quite independent in their daily routine. However, there are solutions that allow those around them to ensure that their eldest child is still able to perform these tasks.

The NOVIAcare tele-assistance solution makes it possible to ensure the safety of the elderly at home. In the event of a fall or lack of movement, NOVIAcare automatically alerts a listening center 24/7.

But the NOVIAcare system goes even further, thanks to its sensors, discreetly installed in different strategic places of the home, NOVIAcare will learn and understand the lifestyle of the person, identify the constants related to hygiene or food… It will alert those around them as soon as a deviation is identified, which will allow them to act in prevention and to put in place measures adapted to the needs of the beneficiary.


Whether for yourself or for an elder, it is important to maintain regular hygiene in order to promote the autonomy of the elderly as long as possible.

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