NOVIACare, the Senior’s wellness surveillance box, compassionate and reassuring for the care of our elder living alone at home or in managed residences.

It is better to know you are safe!

We know that keeping well at home is crucial for you and your families and friends. The innovative remote surveillance NOVIACare enables the benefits of a discrete and tailored care. Since it is the very HUMAN that is at the heart of our project, NOVIACare maintains above it all a direct link with someone who is close to you

The NOVIACare Box: a Pharmagest technology and expertise

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A resolutely HUMANE remote surveillance

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A top technology, discrete, proactive and preventative

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An easy and fast installation

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The NOVIACare Box:
a Pharmagest technology and expertise

NOVIACare is a product designed and developed by the company NOVIATEK, marketed through the company Pharmagest in partnership with call centers accessible in every country we operate in, 24h/24h and 7days a week.
Pharmagest is a European expert in Pharmacy systems. Pharmagest has chosen to become the unavoidable player in all the professional use cases in healthcare high technology and to participate in the home care technology market.

The connected box NOVIACare has launched in 2018 during the Hong Kong Global Electronics Show, the largest electronics show in the world and was also presented during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in 2018. After two years of testing before full market commercialization, the connected NOVIACare box is the secure, re-assuring and innovative home care solution.

A resolutely HUMANE
remote surveillance.

“I am so much better at home now” You have surely already heard this phrase haven’t you ever heard that sentence? However sometimes things get complicated when one advances in age. The NOVIACare solution allows you to live normally and in complete serenity while reassuring your family and your carers.

NOVIACare is the remote compassionate intelligent surveillance system where the ‘human’ is never far.
He is invited as a companion in all daily moments and he helps you with your medicines, the mealtimes, and to signal any anomaly which you and your family needs to be aware of.
A true virtual friend, it reassures and maintains the link with your family and your helpers in the daily reports.

The remote surveillance NOVIACare box creates a discrete but trustworthy link of trust with a group of family and friends ready to be watchful over you : on the subscription questionnaire on the box there is a compulsory telephone number of a dear one, family or friend (with their permission) who becomes the priority person to alert, because of his/her geographic proximity with the owner of the box.

A top technology, discrete, proactive and preventative.

"This systems will control me”. False! The system NOVIACare is innovative, discreet and care without surveillance thank to its high technology sensors. Its operations knows how to be forgotten.
A network of sensors without a camera, is placed in strategic places inside the house: the bedroom, the bathroom, the toilets, the living room, the kitchen and the entrance door. It serves to detect your life habits, your daily routines, without being affected by the presence of you pet (if it weighs less than 4kg).

After the analysis, it can also detect if any activity is normal or not in a specific room following your life rhythm.
The voice help for the medicine cycles, the time for lunch or dinner… does not turn on other than if you are close of the NOVIACare box. This follow-up is not executed other than if a call arriving from the central listening centre. NOVIACare is not enabled by voice recognition and it does not listen to your conversations.

The activity daily follow-up detects the first signs of an eventual degradation (alimentation, sleep, hygiene) and then it signals them in the daily report. Your family are this alerted immediately.
In case of detected emergencies (falls), the alarm is transmitted in less than an hour. The bracelet (or medaillon) of emergency permits to demand an immediate aid if your are able to do it. It is perfectly integrated and it works on a distance that reaches up to 10 m outside the domicile.
We monitor on network idenfitied in order to ensure an aid in the case of need. In order to subscribe to the surveillance box NOVIACare, one should supply coordinates of a person of confidence living nearby and susceptible to take the elimination of doubt in case of an anomaly.

An easy and fast installation

"It is too complex to install, we will have to drill the walls!”. Good news! The installation of the box does not need any house works.

No internet connection. NOVIAcare is equipped with its own communication system.

No camera. The initial solution consists of a main housing, 6 sensors and a panic medallion.

The principal box is connected to an electrical outlet. In case of cut-off, a battery takes charge and ensures the functioning of the device for the next 24 hours.

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