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Pack LiviaHome
A complete and discreet solution to watch over seniors at home, even from a distance.
  • 1 installation and user guide
  • 1 smart box
  • 5 high performance wireless sensors
  • 1 alert button (on the box)
  • Multi-operator SIM card (included in the subscription)
  • Mobile app (included in the subscription)
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Pack pour accompagner les séniors seuls à domicile

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use NOVIAcare if I have a pet ?
    If your pet weighs more than 4 kilos (or 9 pounds), the NOVIAcare solution is not advised. Your animal’s comings and goings around the home could disrupt the detection of any abnormal situation (fall, failure to get up in the morning, etc.).
  • Does the pack include enough sensors for my home ?
    The number of sensors included in the Tessa and LiviaHome packs are intended to cover the needs of homes with up to three separate bedrooms. Needless to say, for larger homes, you can order additional sensors.
  • Can I choose to only rent the alert call button bracelet in the Tessa pack ?
    No. The NOVIAcare patented system is intended to automatically detect abnormal situations at home using the sensors combined with the box. The alert call button bracelet is merely a complementary device that allows the elderly person to request assistance.
  • Is it complicated to set up and use the box ?
    The elderly person will not need to operate the box. All the settings can be configured via the mobile app. Our advisors are at hand if you have any doubts or questions.