No installation work necessary

The box and sensors are positioned and attached very simply

No Internet connection

The solution uses its own communication system (built-in SIM card)

Autonomous system

Equipped with its own battery, the solution remains fully autonomous for 24 hours in the event of a power outage

The box: a centralized interface

Highly discreet, the box is simply placed in the person’s main living room. It collects all the data from sensors that are strategically positioned in rooms around the home. It establishes regular monitoring reports and, if necessary, sends alerts.

In the event of an alert, either the remote assistance center or designated close ones (depending on the offer chosen) can immediately contact the senior via the intercom/mic on the box.

Visuel présentant la box

Sensors that are hardly noticeable

The small, unobtrusive sensors are placed in the home’s various rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, toilet, etc.) and on the entrance door.

They continuously analyze the elderly person’s behavior and activity and transmit the corresponding data to the box. They detect any abnormal situations (absence of movement, no going from one room to another, some change in the way time is spent, etc.) and alert a close one in the event of any unanticipated event or anomaly.

Visuel du capteur accroché au mur

Monitoring the senior’s activity in their home

The box and its connected sensors assess the senior’s lifestyle habits and discreetly analyze their daily behavior. In case of any change of habits or activities considered to be abnormal, it sends a notification to the designated close relation.

What do the sensors observe?

Each analysis produces a report that assesses the coherence (frequency, time spent, movement, temperature, light and humidity of the rooms) of the following indicators: sleep, meals, hygiene, bathroom, activity



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