NOVIAcare ensures the safety of the elderly at home

NOVIAcare reassures the whole family and allows the elderly to live and enjoy their home in complete safety.
Reassured families 238
Active sensors 24 hours a day 1700
NOVIAcare advice points,
everywhere in France
The box

Discreet and customized support

NOVIAcare is an innovative and patented solution consisting of a box and sensors that are as small as discreet. Easily forgotten, these sensors are installed at home in strategic locations. They continuously analyze the senior’s behavior and activity to transmit key information.

Thus, they detect all situations (movements, changes of rooms, time spent…) and alert the 24-hour listening center, or alternatively a relative, in case of an anomaly or an unexpected event.





A unique mobile application

Available on AppStore or GooglePlay, a dedicated application, linked to NOVIAcare, maintains the link between the senior and his/ her beloved ones through regular monitoring reports. They may access the various daily data (diet, hygiene, sleep) as often as wish and monitor them remotely.

The application allows them to free themselves from checking the constants and to find warm, human and benevolent exchanges with their senior.

About Pharmagest

Pharmagest technology and expertise

NOVIAcare is a product designed and developed by Noviatek and marketed by Pharmagest, a key player in all areas of high-tech IT related to healthcare.

The NOVIAcare connected box won an award in 2018 at the Hong Kong Electronics Show (HKTDC), the world’s largest electronics show, and was presented at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas in 2018 and 2019. After 2 years of pre-market testing, the NOVIAcare connected box is the safe, reassuring, secure and innovative home care solution.


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