+300 Families reassured
1700 Sensors activated 24/7
+350 NOVIAcare advice points throughout France

We understand that your home represents your personal history, your point of reference and your mark in life.

For most elderly people, ageing well at home is a priority, because that is where they feel best. At an advanced age, the home should not be a source of worry, either for the senior or their close ones.

By designing an innovative home monitoring solution, EQUASENS allows all elderly people to enjoy living in their house or apartment for as long as possible, with peace of mind.

A box and wireless sensors that observe and analyze the senior’s activity. Any anomaly detected is forwarded to the elderly person’s designated close ones for an immediate response. This discreet and highly effective device offers optimal protection and acts to prevent everyday accidents.

NOVIAcare, an EQUASENS innovation

NOVIAcare was developed in France by Equasens, a key player in all areas of high-tech information technology related to healthcare. Equasens has been involved in home care for the elderly for many years. Its parent company, the Welcoop Cooperative, through its subsidiaries D-Medica, Laboratoire Marque Verte and WellPharma, develops a comprehensive range of products to facilitate the daily lives of seniors.

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Put your trust in a patented technology

NOVIAcare is hosted in France on highly secure servers that carry the HDS (Health Data Hosting) government label.
In 2018 and 2019, NOVIAcare was presented at the CES in Las Vegas (the most influential tech event in the world). In 2018, the solution won an award at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HKTDC).


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