The features

An intelligent system relayed on a dedicated mobile application for reassurance

Thanks to the dedicated application available on Google Play and AppStore, relatives receive daily monitoring reports on the elderly person’s hygiene, diet, sleep, activity and toileting.

Simple and intuitive, these reports are easy to understand: code green (all is well), code yellow (vigilance), code red (attention).

The application allows to maintain the link, to be reassured despite the distance and to have a relationship and exchanges more peaceful and based on sharing.


Optimal prevention

The sensors and the NOVIAcare box monitor the senior’s good behavior. If an anomaly is detected :

The box contacts the network of relatives who have been previously informed and who live within 15 minutes, or the emergency services if the situation may requires it.


A presence at all times

NOVIAcare is an innovative solution that is useful all times: medication reminders, mealtime reminders, alerts in case of abnormal changes in temperature at home…


A discreet watch

NOVIAcare is a patented preventive solution: the vital signs are monitored by discreet sensors, in addition to the bracelet medallion that the senior citizen decides to wear or not. Relatives and/or caregivers regularly check the readings and remain reassured.


An advanced solution

Programmed to detect signs of loss of autonomy, NOVIAcare is perfectly personalized to the senior who may uses it: his or her life habits are analyzed and the parameters thus defined are perfectly adapted to his or her daily life.

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