The box

NOVIAcare, a preventive solution for monitoring and reassuring

NOVIAcare is a patented solution that allows for the daily evaluation of 5 indicators of good health: hygiene, nutrition, sleep, activity and toileting. Regularly and with the help of sensors judiciously and discreetly positioned in the elderly person's home, monitoring reports are displayed on the box and can be consulted via the dedicated mobile application. This complete device ensures mutual peace of mind, as well as allowing the elderly to enjoy life to the full.
The advantages of NOVIAcare

Intuitive, practical and discreet

  • Easy and quick installation. The installation of the box does not require any work or internet connection. At home or in an apartment, a network of certified and specialized technicians intervene everywhere in France and ensure a simple installation in 1 hour maximum.
  • A real virtual assistant voice activated or deactived. NOVIAcare not only detects activity but also assists seniors in their daily lives: medication reminders, meal reminders, etc., while also serving as a reference point for them: a talking clock or even a light at night.
  • A multilingual box that may be configured remotely. NOVIAcare is a real interface linking the senior citizen and his or her beloved ones on a continuous basis. It may be easily programmed in several languages, remotely if necessary, and adapts its monitoring according to the environment (heat or drop in temperature in the home) or according to a specific treatment (change in dosage for example).No internet connection required. NOVIAcare is equipped with its own communication system (integrated SIM card) and also has a battery that may last up to 24 hours in the event of a power cut. No service interruption!
  • No cameras. The initial solution consists of a main box, 5 ensors and a panic button. NOVIAcare works with patented sensors that are as small as discreet, and that keep privacy. Lifestyle habits are detected and any abnormal situation is automatically reported (presence in a room for too long, waking up late or early, unopened refrigerator, etc.) to a relative.

A family and friends ready to help

The NOVIAcare box also creates a bond of trust with people who are ready to help: in the subscription questionnaire for the box, the number of a relative or neighbor (with his or her consent) is required, who then becomes a priority person to alert, given his or her geographical proximity to the box owner.


User reviews

Mme Simon
NOVIAcare user,
Villerupt (54)
I'm not young anymore, but I still have the right to decide to stay at home! My NOVIAcare is a real companion in my life. She is with me every day and I feel safe. My daughter is also reassured!
Mrs. Simon's daughter
Paris (75)
I understand that she needs her independence and I know she is healthy! But I want to be warned if there are any problems. With NOVIAcare, I am much more serene.
Mme Pierre
NOVIAcare user,
Strasbourg (67)
I am so much better at home! My NOVIAcare has been the perfect solution to stay at home and continue to live a normal life with peace of mind while reassuring my loved ones.

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